[Ep. 92] How to Move Mountains In Your Business

Do you find it hard to be patient in your business?

You write down your goals every day and keep taking action but you’re SO ready to hit that next level already!

We have ALL been there.

Over and over even.

Those humdrum activities that you keep cranking out and completing just don’t feel very sexy.

The feeling that you’ll always be stuck doing these mundane tasks can get overwhelming.

And then we start doubting ourselves, our business. Maybe we’re just not cut out to hit that next stage.

But what if those seemingly boring tasks ARE elevating you to your goal?

What if the Universe just needs us to keep taking the next best step so that it can fetch the sun and moon for us?

What if the Universe is lining up millions of dominos in perfect succession behind us?

What if we just have to make the first move?

That’s what we’re discussing in today’s podcast. How to use these menial tasks to propel us forward.

“Your next step is simple. You are the first domino.” – Gary Kellar

Let’s do this thing!



Book: The Happiness Advantage and The One Thing

Morning Meditation for Busy Mom’s episode here.