[Ep. 86] Making Your Success Subconscious

Are you tired of hitting the same brick wall in your business?

No matter what route you take to move forward, there seems to always be another roadblock?

And what about those places in your business where you just can’t bring yourself to care? “Check my analytics? Bor-ing.” “Start a new marketing initiative? Ugh.”

You know you need to do it, you know that it will be great for your business but for the life of you, you just can’t embrace it.

Think about it.

You know those kids who record themselves playing video games on youtube and are now living in multi-million dollar mansions in Hollywood Hills?

Well what if that kid had felt that talking about what he was doing while he was playing Minecraft (or whatever) was annoying?

What if he’d had a fear of speaking on video?

Sayonara gorgeous house overlooking the Pacific, that’s what.

Are you willing to give up that dream life for you and your family? Are you willing to hold back the gorgeous healing you and your business have for the planet?

All for the sake of some mental hang-ups?

Me neither!

That’s why we’re digging into subconscious vs. conscious activity in today’s episode.

We take a gander at how our brain and body create these sneaky little beliefs then we call out a bunch of them to transform.


Thank you SO much for transforming your inner world and therefore our outerworld.

You’re making a difference to all of us.



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