[Ep. 84] How to Overcome the Comparison Monster

Ok. Let’s be honest with each other here.

How many times in a month, in a week, do you get super freaked out at how much your business sucks compared to (insert favourite comparison flavor here) ?

We all totally do this.

And it catches us right out of the clear blue!

One minute we’re reading a post about lead conversion, the next minute we suck entrepreneur @ss worse than anyone ever has in the history of business.

So what’s a conscious entrepreneur to do?

We all want to move forward and grow and expand our business, our reach and gift in the world, but how do we do that without being eaten by the comparison monster over and over and over again?

That’s what we address in today’s episode; how to reframe and then use those moments of comparison as moments of alignment and forward propulsion.

The truth is, we NEED all of us to succeed and bring our business’ healing to the planet. So let’s get transforming shall we?

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