[Ep. 80] Tips to Hire the Best Coach for You This Year

A great coach can make a world of difference in your business.

Someone to be accountable to, someone to inspire you.  Someone who makes you feel pulled toward those beautiful goals you know your life and business are meant to reach.

The right coach helps you move forward with confidence.

The wrong coach though?

Oh boy.

The wrong coach can make you constantly doubt yourself and your goals. You start stumbling moving forward, not sure if this is really the right step for you and that you’re doing things poorly.

The wrong coach can have you feeling like maybe something is just wrong with you.

But really, it’s just the wrong match.

So in today’s episode, Jo Casey comes back and we talk about some great tips and reminders on how to choose the best coach for you and your particular needs.

We all need your beautiful business to keep healing the planet.

Thank you for hiring a coach to midwife that healing in a bigger way.



Morning routine for busy mom’s episode.

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