[Ep. 78] Creating Goals with Value for the New Year

Here we are at the end and beginning of another year.

Now even if you’ve been reviewing your business and planning for the next year for months now, I bet you’re thinking about your new goals even more as the year wraps up.

Funny thing about goals though,

what if  our goals can actually show us our limiting beliefs?

Let me explain.

We make goals based on what we think is important to us, what we’d like to achieve, to have or be the person we want.

Basically, to feel a certain way.

But what if what we think is most important to us is actually in contradiction with a limiting belief, a limiting value or opposing feeling we don’t really consciously know is driving us.

When we have opposing values or beliefs around our goals, it makes it reeeeaaaally a pain in the *ss to reach them.

This is what we’ll be working on in today’s episode!

Because we all SO need your gorgeous business to hit those goals and bring it’s healing to the planet this year.

So let’s get goal-clearing and and goal-setting right here!