[Ep. 76] Family Patterns and Your Success

Are there things about your family that drive you nuts?

Maybe there’s a dynamic that repeats every time your family gets together?

Or what about a role that gets played over and over?

You know, the martyr, the bossy one, the know-it-all. Oh, there are so many good ones.

What’s interesting is that no matter how loyal you feel to your family OR how much you want nothing to be like them, these patterns can affect your income and success.

Think about it. Say for example your parents taught you to work super-hard all the time, whether that was hours at the law firm or hours in the factory. That pattern can be holding back your success and income.

You might be stopping yourself from taking on more in your business because it would mean working too many hours and you swore you’d never overwork and be unavailable like your parent(s). On the other hand, maybe you’re running yourself ragged because that’s what you believe needs to happen in order for you to be worth that paycheck.

Does this working hard/not hard enough show up at the family gathering? Is someone slaving over hosting? Is someone barely there because they just can’t leave work? Is someone showing up unemployed yet again because they’re still rebelling against the “get a job” mindset of the family?

Oooh. SUCH juicy (and annoying) family dynamic stuff!

In today’s podcast we go deep diving into this topic and start shining a bright light on these patterns.

Because it’s SO much easier to transform something we actually know is there right?

So let’s dive in!