[Ep. 70] From Slump to Success

There’s such a glow around the idea of being an entrepreneur, isn’t there?

You know, following your passion, calling your own shots, working hours that are perfectly tailored to you and your life.

Yep. It all sounds SO great from the outside.

Then you take the dive…

You hustle, you become a course junkie, you hustle, you maybe hire a business coach and you hustle some more.

Or maybe you’ve been living this life for years and you’re a vet not only at the hustle but also at aaaalllll those blocks that land in your path.

You know about the lovers and haters. You know about almost giving up while on the way to traction FINALLY happening. You know about the self doubt and uncertainty that can nip at your heels.

Because there’s no ridiculous boss to blame or co-worker to thwart you.

It’s all you HoneyBear.

And some days can suck.

So today’s podcast is exactly for those sucky days.

Whether it’s a general money malaise that’s been setting in or someone’s critique that set you off OR <knowing look> you’re avoiding taking the action you need to raise your business to the next level.

Let’s dig up where the root of this trigger is and then tap to vamoosh it!

Because the world needs your business to keep growing and bringing its gorgeous healing to all of us.

Thank you for your fearlessness!


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