[Ep.60] How Deciding What’s Right For YOU Can Grow Your Income

Have you ever suffered from decision fatigue?

Too many choices to make or research?  Or just some big decision that you can’t possibly think about any more without wanting to end it?

As entrepreneurs, deciding is a huge part of what we do, day to day.

As conscious entrepreneurs, we want to make decisions that are in alignment with our values, our mission and our soul.

So what happens when you feel a ‘yes’ AND a ‘no’?

How do you make a decision that honours who you are when you feel like you’re both?

That’s what we’re diving into with today’s podcast.  We do some tapping to discharge the discomfort and I give you an easy tool to use to make those decision WHILE staying aligned.

We all need your business to keep expanding and healing the world with its love and energy. So thank you for bravely working through your blocks to making decisions that will lead to a better you, a better business and a better world.