[Ep. 108] Apprentice Your Success

Did you do one of those high-school or university programs that required you to do some work out in the field?

For some reason, I never did.

So it made me appreciate my internship in medical school even more.

Can you imagine going out into the world to treat people’s health with only textbook knowledge in hand?

I admit, it’s not my favourite to have the intern walk into a clinic room or to get stuck in traffic behind the student driver or even worse, choose the check out lane with the “employee in training”.

Then again, I’d MUCH rather be driving down a highway with someone who’s been behind the wheel for several months.

And this is how it is for our business and really, our life.

We’re always “practicing” to become more of who we’re meant to be.

Becoming more our most authentic selves.

And so is our business.

Brand new or many years on, our beautiful business is always growing and evolving.

And hey, we all want our conscious work to bring a healing to the planet so there’s no way we’d let it get stagnant.

And this is what the talk about it today’s episode.  How we are always apprenticing in life and in business.

Where are you growing right now?

Real apprenticeship is always to the self.  –Cynthia Ozick



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