How to Create Goals for Next Year Part 4 – Values Meditation/Tapping

Now that we’ve figured out which values we carry, for better or worse, we can understand the drivers behind what we do and don’t do.

I was reading a personality testing book, classifying us into various groups based on tendencies.

The author was stating that these tendencies are so deeply ingrained that they cannot be changed.

But is that true?

Or can we take the negativity out of the tendencies so that they no longer get in our way?

And can we do this with our values?

You betcha!

So let’s pop in the ear buds and do some serious transformational work around our driving values.

It’s juicy work that takes real presence, but the payoff?

How about feeling amazing about your goal?

How about reaching them with a new level of ease?

How about changing the world with your beautiful business?

Thank you for bringing it.



Steve Wells’ book: ¬†100% Yes!