[Ep. 126] Move Your Business Forward by Getting Unstuck in Your Dreams

Do you dream about being stuck somewhere?

About wandering around a parking garage forEVER, but never finding your car?

Or what about being back in school trying to make it in time for an exam?

Maybe you’re just back in your childhood stomping grounds feeling like you can’t get out.

All of these dreams have something in common.

They’re all pointing a finger to where our subconscious is stuck in a pattern. They’re reflecting to us, through painfully annoying/exhausting situations, how we’re holding ourselves back.

And when we’re holding ourselves back, we’re holding our business back.

So how can we use these dreams to actually change those brain patterns and move on?

That’s what today’s podcast guest is breaking down.

Dr. Chris Sowton shows us how an entrepreneur can find, interpret and then change these neural bundles into exactly what they want for themselves.

Can you imagine ending the cycle of having that dream AND moving forward in biz?

Let’s stop chatting and jump into this fantastic episode.



Entertain the idea of the inner guide. Take action by following it through your dreams.



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