[Ep. 38] Choosing Your Way to Bigger Success

Eckhart Tolle has this quote:

Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it.

Having just spent the day deciding to do just this (well, as often as I could remember)  I have to say it felt pretty awesome.

I mean, how invincible would YOU feel if you believed you were always in charge of every moment? Even if where you were in that present moment really sucked, still, feeling like you got to pick it put the power back into your hands.

Not only did it make me feel more empowered practicing this today but it made me feel more focused and on purpose.

Like “I have a say, and i WILL keep moving forward.”  Even when it was about the most mundane or inconsequential tasks like cooking or walking down the street.  I was taking these actions because I wanted to, not because some life circumstance had me cornered in the kitchen with a pot of boiling water.

What if you could choose each moment in your business?

How could that clarity, purpose and empowerment propel your business forward?

Wanna find out?  Join me in today’s podcast.

Let’s create even more purpose and power in your business!