Change Your Reality with Cynthia Sue Larson [Ep. 214]


Today’s guest is a quantum physics graduate who practices energy medicine.  So basically our hero.  Seriously though!  She understands the mathematical science behind healing work and manifestation and how thoughts affect matter and, and, and…

In this episode Cynthia share the mindset roadblocks she’s run into on her journey and how to overcome them ourselves.

Then she teaches us how to actually use all that quantum work through a breathing exercise!  Oh, it’s SO good.


  • We’re part of a team and can do this together.  When one person does well, ALL people do well.
  • Just because you don’t see other people doing what you feel called to do, it doesn’t mean you’re not supposed to do it. You may be here to help people in a new way.
  • We have so many more opportunities beyond our blinders and self-imposed glass ceilings.
  • One person can and does affect so many.



Cynthia’s favourite mindset books: The Artist’s Way and The Untethered Soul

Cynthia’s favourite quote: “how good can it get?”

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