[Ep. 106] Flip Your Fear of Success with Carol Look

What if you were outrageously successful?  Could there be a downside to that?

Sounds ridiculous I know.

Who wouldn’t want to be insanely successful?

But our subconscious mind doesn’t really run this way.

See, what if you being insanely successful means some people will be jealous of you?

What if it means someone will judge you or even make harsh judgements?

What if your full success meant seriously rocking someone else’s boat?

When you’re a Conscious Entrepreneur, you’re used to helping people feel safe.

You’re often the one to help stabilize people’s lives.

So what’s a consciouspreneur to do, if they want to help others AND have success?

Well, that’s what today’s guest does a gorgeous job of breaking down for us.

Carol Look tells us all about her own fears of crushing it in business and helps us not only locate but start transforming our own fear of shining.

So get your tapping fingers ready for some Carol Look transformation!



Do NOT give up.  It is there for you and we all need you to be successful.



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The book that changed Carol’s outlook on success: Psycho Cybernetics

Carol’s favourite success quote:  There is no failure, only feedback. -Robert Allen