Can Your Ancestors Influence Your Success with Jacqui Crooks


If you ever get tired of working on the same big block or theme in your life, this episode is FULL of gold for you.

Jacqui breaks down: 

  • how she recovered from 3 business breakdowns and how her mindset helped
  • how helping her neighbour, changed her ability to succeed
  • how we carry our ancestors’ baggage and HOW TO LET IT GO
  • how a childhood paper route altered her client’s bottom-line
  • how it’s never too late to do the healing


Everyone has a space in the Universe and most of us are hiding in a corner of it.



How to find Jacqui and her goods:

Jacqui’s favourite books about success: You Can Heal Your Life, I Heart Me and Life on Earth

Jacqui’s favourite success quote:

“The world is full of opportunities.  It’s your job to decide which one you want to do.” –Jacqui’s old coach