Business Bane

sore knee clay figure " is your business pain actually your business gain?"

Is there a part of your business that you HATE to do?

Are you great at back-end but almost pass out at the idea of having to go on video? Or maybe you’re great at content but organizing it all into systems? Find sand, bury head.

I have totally been there too.

I used to think putting my photo online was ludicrous! Ha!

And writing weekly blog posts? No, effing way I had time for that crap.

Thank goodness I got over this because then we wouldn’t have the chance to join our energy and tap together in today’s podcast.

And you? Is the world missing out on more of your gift, your healing because of your business bane?

Let’s flip that around and start bringin’ it even more, starting with some tapping right here.

See you on the flip side!


p.s. Wanna repeat the tapping alone without hunting through the episode? Voila!