[Ep.48] Grow you Business by Growing Your Self Image



Is there part of you or your body that you feel uncomfortable about?

Like, you’d never want it to be on camera?

Think about shooting a video you’d like, or of getting those professional photos for your website for a minute.

Would it be better if you could just lose those pesky few pounds? Wait for your “monthly” acne to clear? Get your hair done?

A friend of mine didn’t want to pull the trigger on her photo shoot until she could get her false eyelashes redone. Another friend threw out dozens of great takes because she felt that one side of her face looked paralyzed in the videos.

So what’s it for you?

What is the part of your image, whether it be physical, intellectual, emotional or otherwise, that you feel is just not up to snuff?

I mean, there’s no WAY you can put yourself out there looking/feeling/thinking like that!

Today’s podcast guest would beg to differ.

Brittany Watkins has walked thousands of people (especially women) through releasing the root causes of their fears and self-judgement around image.

And this episode is no different. She takes us through a killer exercise right here, to get to the guts of why the need to be thinner, lashed out and acne-free is actually holding us back.

So get your tapping fingers ready to let some limiting beliefs loose so you can feel WAY lighter after!

And hey, let us know right here what came up and shifted for you.



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