[Ep. 100] Tap Into Your Awesomeness with Brad Yates

Does it ever feel scary to be 100% yourself?

If you were totally you and nothing but you would there be a sneaky feeling that it would somehow NOT be ok?

When I was 7 years old, some kid walked up to me in the morning and told me there was a boy in the class who had a crush on me.

No big deal right?

Turns out it was a huge deal.

I’d never been the kid who was concerned about boys and crushes and it totally derailed me.

I suddenly felt like I needed to live up to someone else’s standard and that I couldn’t just let down and be myself anymore.

All this over was a seemingly flattering comment! What about the negative ones?

Think about it, how many times during our formative years was it not ok to be loud or silly or active or just ourselves? How many times was it not ok with parents, teachers, the classroom bully, a coach, for you to totally express yourself?

Well, Brad Yates is back on the podcast to help our subconscious release this pressure and self-judgement that may have become ingrained over the years.

And it’s goo-ooood.

And if this feels amazing to you, he has a full program on being yourself that you can check out here! Six hours of freeing up your inner awesomeness!

I’m down with that.

Because you and your gorgeous business need to keep healing the world being 100% you.