An Unexpected Way to Tolerate More Success [Ep.213]

What if the quote above is true?

What if all the great stuff AND all the frustrating/depressing/I-can’t-stand-it-anymore stuff in your life comes down to what your brain and body are willing to tolerate?

What are you willing to have and not have in your life?

Is it easier to “tolerate” less success than the potential downsides of trying for more?

As conscious entrepreneurs, we’re always opening ourselves and doing the work to help our brain and body regulate and feel safer and safer with greater and greater success.

Even if there’s some sticky transformation to work through, we do it. ¬†We do it for ourselves and all the lives we want to help in our short lives here.

This is what we’re all about in today’s podcast: “tolerating” a life of greater ease and success.

So join us for a lovely transformative guided meditation in this episode.



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Podcast episode I mentioned. (With Cathy Heller and Martha Beck.)

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