[116] How Sex Can Change Your Success

I know it might sound crass or not very conscious-minded but what if intimacy and sex had an impact on your success?

If you think about it, sex involves our reproductive organs, our power to create new life.

If these organs of creativity can make an ENTIRE LIFE could they not also create more success?

More money?  More impact?

This is what today’s podcast guest explains to us today.

In fact, she specializes in helping people have a healthy sex life as well as grow a bigger business.

In this episode she breaks down how our sex life can influence our success and boy has she got some fantastic cases to share.

Not only that, she takes us through a tapping and Matrix exercise where we go chatting with our future selves for success tips!

It’s a great episode with a TON of value.



Be gentle with yourself.  You are always doing your best.



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Alina’s awesome work and goodies: tapyourpower.net 

Alina’s book: How to Want Sex Again

Alina’s favourite success book: EFT Manual

Alina’s favourite quote: The bigger the ‘why’, the easier the ‘how’. – Jim Rohn