Alignment is the New Hustle [Ep. 210]

How many times have you felt stuck in a project or task or place in your life?

Maybe it felt good at first.  Maybe you had loads of ideas and ideals for the finished result.

But then the momentum slowed.

The task started to feel heavy, a burden, and you started dragging your feet.

And what did you do to pull yourself through?

Did you slog through slowly and painfully?

Did you procrastinate like a pro and just never get it done?

Or maybe your personal narrative took over and you hurtled thousands of insults at your skill/talent/time-management/you name it.

But what if that personal narrative of self-deprecation is wrong?

What if we are actually skilled enough, talented enough, know how to manage our time and can do this?  What if the real issue is that we stepped out of alignment?

Sometimes along the path to achieving results, we lose sight of our original intent OR our original intent changes and we just haven’t had the chance to take a step back to see.

Well that’s what we’re doing in today’s episode.  Taking a look and re-aligning.
We all need your talent fully expressed in this world if we’re all going to transform so thank you for re-aligning and bringing your loving purpose to us all!