How Acceptance Can Move Your Business Forward [Ep. 188]

A lot of people talk about doing forgiveness work but sometimes even just the word ‘forgiveness’ can be loaded.

Maybe it sounds preachy or maybe it feels just down right not possible.

But acceptance?  That could possibly be doable.

We might not want to forgive an old foe, but maybe we can accept that we lived through a tough time with them.  We can accept ourselves even though we do hold a grudge.  We can accept that we’re always doing our best in whatever moment we’re in, with whatever state of mind we have.

And that’s what we get down to in this episode.  How to use acceptance to dissolve those seemingly unforgivable instances in our lives.

Because honestly, who needs some old grudge keeping them from achieving their dream?

So let’s do some acceptance tapping to shift up some old patterns and get on with healing the world through our businesses!



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