[118] 7 Signs You Might Be a Giant

Do you ever find yourself negatively over-reacting to someone else’s success?

I was nuts about singing when I was a kid. In fact, I wanted to be a famous singer for a few years.

One night, my parents called me inside hurriedly to see something on television. I rushed to the tv room only to see a young girl my age, singing the national anthem at a professional sporting game.

I was pissed.

‘Why would I want to see this?!’ I thought. I should be the one up there. I could do that better!

Wanna know what?

This still happens every now and then.

But I understand it better now. It’s not that I’m mean or angry or jealous even.

It’s the leader coming out.

It’s the part of me that wants to go big, excel and really make a difference.

The part that gets riled up to see that I’m not going as big as I can.

Do you have an inner leader that’s looking to burst out of the box too?

That’s what we’re diving into today: seven ways to know if you’ve got a giant inside that’s had it with staying small.

Because that giant? It’s here to hold a light and lead the other beautiful souls that you’re meant to inspire.

So let’s stand up to our full height and let it shine!



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