Can you turn anxiety into abundance?

Rainbow and clouds over a lake "turn anxiety into abundance"

Does worry ever take over your mind?

Despite our meditations, our reframed affirmations, sometimes we just can’t help but be swept away on the anxiety whirlwind.

The thing is, we’re trying to make coin AND heal the world with this business of ours. How can we do that when we’re freakin’ out?

Anxiety turns on the automatic physiological response that gets our body ready to fight a tiger, run away from a tiger or possibly play dead in front of the tiger.

I dunno about you but my brain wouldn’t give a sh*t about my business in any of these scenarios. So how can we get ahead with our business, our healing, our wealth creation if our body has checked out trying to escape imminent danger?

In the words of Corrie ten Boom “worrying is carrying tomorrow’s load with today’s strength”.

Let’s dump tomorrow’s load of worry.

In fact, let’s turn that anxiety into abundance right here.

With HUGE gratitude for your drive to make money and heal the world,